Model Portfolio Shoots

I am a great believer in self expression.
Don't ever let anyone tell you the way you should express yourself. This is something you learn as you grow. As life takes its twists and turns, you begin to learn about yourself. Where you want to go, and, what you want to be.

This could be your time to shine!
If so, then don't put a model portfolio shoot off any longer.

Packages are available with our own make-up artist and hairdresser of some 40 years experience, or shoots where you can do your own hair and make-up

with your expression of interest.

50% deposit required upon booking.






Clothing is up to you to supply. Make sure you have at least 3 changes of each style you would like to be photographed in. Accessories should be minimal, however, some "bling" is acceptable. You are featured, not the bling you wear.

It is a matter of capturing your beauty, your personallity and more importantly your character.

You are the STAR for the time you are with us whether you are beginning or adding to your portfolio.

CASUAL WEAR CLOTHING - Whatever you believe you look great in and brings out your personality, bring with you. It expresses who you are and what you stand for. Please bring 4-6 different changes of outfuts with you in this style.

Bring 3 styles which are YOU. They can be "one piece" - "two piece" - in the styles you believe will best show your character and body and allow YOU to express who you are.

"LINGERIE" Whatever you bring... please make sure it is not creased or shaby. Shaby clothing appearence will do you no favours. Fresh, clean and with no ragged end bits or marks/stains is the order of the day in all clothing you bring.

"FORMAL WEAR" Remember with each style of clothing you bring you will need to bring the appropriate footwear, headwear and extras, including stockings to match the outfits used for your glamour modelling portfolio shoot.

We can shoot LOCATION and STUDIO. Malcolm's Photography has a largish portable change room you will be able to use for changes, or if you prefer the studio is is well equipped for professional results. Your privacy is considered a priority at all times.

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