I AM ALSO A SINGER, SONGWRITER, POET AND AUTHOR of a humorous medical poem book titled: "Giggle Smirk or Laugh" with two copies donated to many surgeries around the Gold Coast, free of charge. The foreword of the Gigglr Smirk or Laugh poem boolet was written by the man who saved my life twice "MY DOCTOR". Also I have a home published booklet of 64 poems about life and travels around this vast and beautiful country of Australia, titled: "I CAN RELATE TO THAT".

I attended a Bible College in Queensland for a year and a half over 45 years ago. I was an outback pastor for 8 years... I was known then, as they still do today as Pastor Mal but nicknamed me "Pastor Joke!" as a term of endearment as I was always happy and natural and a bit of a wag, dag and funster bloke who was and still is to this very day a down to earth, and NOT SO HEAVENLY MINDED I AM NO EARTHLY USE kinda person. There are no pretences with me. I tell it like it is, and I detest unfairness and liars. I have travelled to many isolated regeons of Austral for 10 years with my singing and entertaining. Visited many schools and hospitals. Flown and driven to many, many, homesteads. Sang and played in many CWA and church halls, shearing sheds, performed on many roads, riverbanks and pubs with a variety of song genres from country to rock n roll and gospel.

* I was diagnosed in 2002 with thyrotoxicosis and graves disease (an auto immune disease). In 2004 I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I shattered 3 vertebrae in my spine just by sneezing in that year, and in the same year I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. Up to this point I have broken 6 bones (Shattered vertebrae) in my spine and 4 ribs at different times. There are also nerve ends trapped against the spinal canal. Having suffered a breakdown in 1997 and then with panic syndrome & cronic anxiety in 2001 it has been a huge struggle to cope with all these debilitating illnesses. However, I fight with as much dignity as I can muster, a smile, and the mind set to gain control over them and aim to keep fighting to win the battles.

In 2006 I was diagnosed asthmatic. Mainly caused as a direct result of anxiety. Then the pollens started to attack the system which made it worse. In 2007 I was told my central nervous system was not in good shape which led to my second breakdown. The battles raged inside of me, but I continued to fight like crazy.

July 4 2013 I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2. This I am controlling by having changed my diet to the foods which are better for my body to take in and absorb the proper nutrients. Excercise is a tough one for me due to the other health issues going on, but I do them carefully. Walking is difficult for me because the oxygen in my blood doesn't get to my legs quickly enough. This causes pain and much discomfort, so I rest for a few minutes than take off again for another short walking stint. I now have to use a mobility scooter to take the strain and pain away when I go shopping and for general getting around for more than five minute's.

Though I have these physical impairments I move forward determined to overcome the obstacles. I have always faced challenges head on, so win or lose I give things a lot of energy and I fight to win.

PHOTOGRAPHY for me is my support system. It turns on my inner light and helps me focus on the things that bring joy and contentment in my life.
Since all this started happening I have been hospitalised numerous times. I have had a further 4 vertabrae in my spine collapse trapping more nerves as well as coping with screaming muscles. I have had numerous broken ribs now. I was diagnosed with osteoprosis and severe arthritis in most of my body including my chest. Having had many, many xrays, CT scans, Ultrasounds, and MRI scans they have always revealed something new and unpleasant happeng to my inner me. I've had 3 mini strokes and a full stroke in the right frontal lobe of my brain. Memory loss was affected but is getting much better over time.
As you can see for shoots outdoors I have a small mobility scooter I sometimes use to help me get around the various locations attended. I also suffer with perifferal artery disease, had 2 pulmany embolisms which affect distance walking. Yes, I can walk, but with the aid of a walking stick. However, if you can cope with me on that basis then we can make wonderful and memorable images together. Don't expect me to run up and down sand dunes or huge long steps etc. But there are plenty of ways to shoot incredible photographs without all that strenuous climbing stuff! Well, that's my "get-about-ability" story. I have been shooting portrait images and model portfolio's for a very long time. I have scaled down the hectic work load to a much lighter workload now though. So, if you are 1 person, a couple, or more, and you want great moments captured by my camera's, then contact me. We will discuss your requirements. We will plan when, where and how we will shoot, then we will get the job done, and you will have memories which will last you and your family members a lifetime.

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